Motorola G Lollipop losing GPS issue

If you have a Moto G (2014) first model or Motorola G (2015) second generation, and have been having GPS issues ever since updating to Android 5.0 this post is for you!

When you activate GPS it will take like 4 to 5 minutes to lock on to your specific location and then work fine for a couple of minutes before losing its lock on my phone again.

Motorola G Losing GPS on Android Lollipop

Motorola G Losing GPS on Android Lollipop

This repeats itself over and over, making apps like Waze or Google Maps practically unusable. But if you try to disable the 3G network is connects really fast and fix with multiple satellites.

There’s an fix for this, and yes, it is on your network preferences, it’s not a GPS issue (not directly, at least):

Under your phone configurations, go to “Mobile Networks” and then select “Access point names” or  “AP Names”. Edit the “APN type” value and write “default,supl,agps”

Usually this field just contains “default”. Other trick is to simple concatenate “,agps”to the default value of your APN Type on your Motorola G to fix the GPS losing signal issue.


Update 1: For some user’s – specially Brazilian Users – this trick does not work. I suggest follow this issue posted on Android Lollipop repository.


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