Spotify behind a HTTPS Proxy

When you use Spotify connected by a https proxy, it seems Spotify does not like this kind of connection, as the following is broken:

  • Browse (only the loading gif shows here)
  • Discover (no images shown)
  • Artist overview page (no images in album list)
  • Who to follow: No images
  • App finder: No images
  • Apps won’t work
Client on OSX

Client on OSX


Just edit your prefs file, where the Spotify stores your preferences settings. You probabily see something like that:

network.proxy.addr="[email protected]"

Just remove “s” from protocol on line network.proxy.addr and save, just that!
The pref file location varies depending what OS you use:

*** OSX ***
/Users/<current user>/Library/Application Support/Spotify/prefs
*** Linux ***
*** Windows ***
C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\prefs

Marcelo Rodrigo

Ciclista master na categoria Nelore. Acha que é mais seguro pedalar na BR 101 do que pedalar na cidade as 18h. Inventa de fazer pedais longos no final de semana e de vez em quando encarar algum Audax, mas acaba quebrando antes de terminar

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